Beginners Photoshop Workshop

Ever wanted to learn something new, like updating your digital designing skills and techniques? Well, this is your chance; I am a delivering a beginner Photoshop, workshop at the Manchester Central Library.

The workshop is taking place on 4th April, from 4-6pm, at the Media Lounge. It is a drop-in session, however; you can sign up to secure your place.

The workshop is free, so please make every effort to attend.

Manchester Central Library: A modern classic

Situated in the heart of Manchester, Manchester Central Library is close to all major institutions and businesses: From universities to museums and a shopping centre. Following a 50 million renovation, the building has transformed into a wonderful contemporary space.

Not only the learning experience is incredible, the building itself is worth viewing. With a glass dome in the center of the building overlooking the reading room, really helps strike the balance between modern and old Victorian architecture.

The fantastic and improved facilities at the Library, really add to the learning experience. Such as the interactive history section, to quiet study areas – like the reading room. The Library has truly transformed into an ideal place to spend your day in.

One of the most visited and popular areas in the library is the media lounge. The creative atmosphere and vibe in the media lounge really add character to space. With quirky furniture and quiet corners dotted around the room, you can find your very own perfect spot to study or read your favorite book.

You won’t be disappointed; the media lounge has something for everyone. From the latest digital technology including, iMacs and PCs to gaming consoles such as Xbox. And those of you who want some privacy while working, there are quiet and private areas where you can sit back and relax.

All iMacs have creative software such as Adobe suite installed on them. The software is incredibly popular and great for design purposes. So, if you’re a designer or someone who wants to learn and experiment with Photoshop or illustrator, why not give it a try at the media lounge? It’s free and fun to use.