My thoughts on yoga wear

I have forever been searching yoga clothes that are not linked to sweatshops and not made using organic fabrics.

Since I practice yoga a lot, especially Bikram yoga, I need clothes that are easy to wear quality and comfortable.

After carrying out some research, I have come across some brands that meet my ethical values.


Hey, everyone, I guess you all would like to ask the ‘burning’ question about what have I been up to lately?

Well here I go, so apart from my amazing trip to the European Parliament in Brussels and a short but fantastic trip to see my suppliers in London; I am excited to announce that I will soon be receiving my handbag prototype.

After reviewing this prototype I will be able to review and make any necessary adjustments, to improve and finalise the handbag to go into production.

The fabrics/materials that I will be using for the handbag are 100% Animal cruelty-free, I am going out my way and making sure from hardware to the lining is cruelty-free. The quality of the fabrics is high, I want to design and provide you with a handbag that is made to last a long time, with a touch of luxury.

The handbag is handmade with attention to detail, for me, details are very important, and I want to make sure my handbag portrays that image too. So, when you carry this bag, you will proudly know that this bag is made with love and a cause, a cause to make the world a better place, and cause that I resonate with and you resonate with.

Although it has been a very difficult journey for me on sourcing the correct materials, and finding the right manufacturer; I still did not give up, it has taken me over a year, and here I am. I have finally done it: I am not alone, with the great support from E-Spark (world’s largest free business accelerator) and my collaboration with the Manchester Central Library, and with an amazing and supportive mentor Natasha (Director of Union Street Media Arts) I have been able to come this far on making my dream project come to reality.

I would like to thank everyone who has believed in my project and me. I could not have done this without your support, please continue to follow me on this journey.