Snacks? And healthy? What??

Every day, I aim to eat food that is nutritious and healthy, this also includes the snacks I eat. Replacing my snacks with healthier options has boosted my energy and aided towards my general health.

It’s important that you know how your body works. For example, knowing when you will get that energy slump throughout the day, is a sign that you need to eat a light snack; that is full of nutrition, to help raise your blood sugar levels before it happens.

For me, it’s 4 pm, I have a light snack around 2.30-3pm.

Below is a list of some light snacks I have

  • Omega seeds along with almonds walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, and pecans. (Prunes/dates) followed by a banana
  • I have chia seeds – add to my daily bottle of water and drink throughout the day.
  • Eat Real: Lentil Chips – Chili Lemon (my favorite)
  • Clear spring Organic Rice Cakes Tamari & Sea Vegetables (very filling)
  • I also have 1 Omega 3-6-9 tablet a day, by – Echiomega; Echium seed oil (vegan tablets)
  • Drink organic tea – I drink different teas, depending on my mood. Currently, I am loving Turmeric tea and Matcha green tea.
  • Make a nutritional smoothie in the morning. (will post recipes soon)
  • Wheat grass powder, take a shot around 12pm noon.


So here are some my healthy options on snacking.


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