My Business Magazine Interview


Oldham Business Edge Magazine

The moment I received a call about giving an interview for the Oldham business Edge magazine, I was over the moon. This was my very first media interaction regarding my business; I was excited and honored for this opportunity.

My business idea came from a personal place. It was inspired by my change of lifestyle and worldly view. My business is me, it’s my mirror image, and I hope everyone is inspired by it.

My interview with Oldham Business Edge magazine is about my business success in terms of, investment as well as NatWest Bank support; and, great collaboration with suppliers and renowned manufacturers as well.

Oldham business leadership group from the very start had faith in my business; they have supported me as well as giving me the platform and hub to excel.

Not many businesses get the opportunities I have had. I am also very grateful for them. Especially to Panda and Union Street Media Art, they have given me support and mentoring opportunities as well.

In order to excel and make your dreams come true, surround yourself with like-minded people. And know the difference if someone is happy for you or not. The best advice a colleague at the Manchester NatWest Bank Hatchery had given me was, when giving good news to someone always wait to see his or her reaction and body language. Their reaction and body language will tell you all you need to know.

Distance yourself from people who will stump your growth as a person and business, go and network, interact and look for opportunities where positive energy resides. You will excel and one step at a time will lead to success as well.

Thank you for reading. Sonia


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