My thoughts on yoga wear

I have forever been searching yoga clothes that are not linked to sweatshops and not made using organic fabrics.

Since I practice yoga a lot, especially Bikram yoga, I need clothes that are easy to wear quality and comfortable.

After carrying out some research, I have come across some brands that meet my ethical values.

Alo has some amazing yoga clothes, some funky outfits, and some minimal designs as well. Although, I couldn’t find information on them being sweatshop free; but, we do have some common goals and values. They are all about healthy lifestyle and eco living.

Another favourite brand is Lululemon. I first discovered this brand, on my trip to New York. The quality of the clothes are fantastic; there are also a whole range of styles and designs to choose from. Lululemon’s values are about promoting live, long healthy lifestyle. They are also working and committing towards are a sustainable business and also reducing their carbon footprint on the planet.

Lululemon’s yoga pants are one of the best I have used so far, 3 years and still perfect.

Prana is an Ethical brand who uses organic cotton, recycled wool, and hemp; they are also fair trade certificated.

I am in love with their Yoga Pants, they are so soft and easy to wear; as well as giving you a great amount of comfort and support while working out.

What are my thoughts on all 3 brands?

I enjoy working out in Lululemon’s yoga pants, although, sometimes I do feel they are slightly too thick for wearing during Bikram yoga. However, when I wear them while running or cycling, they are perfect.

Alo’s, yoga pants are great, especially their sports bra. Great for yoga, not too tight, just perfect.

Prana’s whole selection of clothes are great. The yoga pants are good for hot yoga, as you can buy different styles, loose fit or tight. I do prefer the Lululemon pants, but still enjoy a light workout in Pranas as well.



If any of you know or have used any ethical brands that specialise in yoga clothing, please leave a comment bellow. 



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