The progress

I am now far closer to my goal, of launching an Animal-Friendly handbag range. I am not denying; that It has been a roller coaster journey, with many ups and downs.


Who said, launching your own business is easy? The long hours; late nights and early mornings working non-stop to make ends meet. Knocking on every door to get your product out there, making connections and building relations with people and businesses.

My handbag prototype is now complete, all my hardware and packaging is also near to completion; ready for the production stage.

I will be launching one handbag style followed by small capsule collections.

However, today I want to ask you all to share some of your thoughts on the colour of handbags you would like? A colour that would be ideal to wear every day, something ‘versatile’.

I am incorporating an options menu, where you can choose the colour of your own choice. What colours would you like?  

Please leave your comments below, or even drop me an email with your thoughts at



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