Is learning about nutrition important?


Most recently I have taken up further interest in nutrition, health, and wellbeing. Learning more about nutrition has helped me understand my diet further. I have learned basic changes can improve my health, especially with my gluten intolerance and IBS.

However, this blog post will be about mood and food, how our food affects our mood. Starting our day with good nutritional food can make a big difference on how much energy we will have throughout the day. Most of us will have breakfast to help, us with setting our blood sugar levels and, giving us that energy we need. However, not everything we eat will help maintain a healthy blood sugar level throughout the day, and as a result, we will feel tired and exhausted quicker.


It is important that we start our day with food that are rich is vitamins and minerals; this will help us throughout the day, by keeping us fuller longer and giving us the brain power to function in the morning.

The following food will give you energy, but small amounts, you will have a peak of energy and then you will feel like you either need to eat again or have something else that has caffeine in it to keep you awake.

Some foods that will give you energy but will release quickly

  • Croissant – full of sugar
  • (On its own) have a banana with some omega nuts; you will have more energy, and slow releasing.
  • Cereals – A cereal is considered healthy when it’s made up of good nutrition–including a high source of fiber and protein, packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and low in refined sugars, sodium, and Trans fats. Look for a cereal that’s high in whole grains (i.e., oats, barley, and quinoa) as well as heart-healthy fats (i.e., raw nuts and seeds), and natural sugars (i.e., raw honey or real maple syrup [Vegetarians] ) as a healthy way start to your day.

What you can replace them with

  • Protein – Eggs (vegetarians)
  • Chia seeds, Nuts (vegans)
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Essential oils (flax seeds/ fish oils)

Have food that gives you energy and also helps with your overall health.

  • Have a chia seed pudding with mixed nuts and dates.
  • Have a morning smoothie made with mixed vegetables and nuts and almond milk.
  • Those of you who are vegetarian have eggs with avocado and a piece of fruit.
  • If you enjoy having toast, instead of margarine stick some almond or peanut butter on it.

Be playful with your food; make it fun and nutritional. So, change your diet one step at a time. You will eat good food but less, and as a result have more energy and at the same time feel good about yourself as well.

I attended an intense 1-day course on; Stress, Mood, Energy, Food (An Introduction to Nutrition)

I learned about: 

  • About health inequality and the top health concerns affecting people as well as how poor nutrition is contributing towards the top health problems
  • About what a healthy diet should look like
  • How to eat for improved energy and productivity, stress reduction, strength, focus, motivation, mood and positive emotional well-being

The course was delivered by Natasha Boojihawon a 3rd year Naturopathic Nutrition student and Reiki Healing Master and Nutritional Therapist Ursula Gothard.

If anyone is interested in learning more, please do take a look at the courses offered by Natasha. She is based in Manchester and will be holding more training days soon. 


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