Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Improve Ways To Sell Online

This week’s blog is about how to sell on-line. Most recently, I attended a workshop to learn about different ways of selling on-line and how effective they can be. Some of the most popular platforms to sell are EBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Asos marketplace.

pablo-8However, the workshop was mostly focused on EBay, and how to create a business account and profile. So, those of you who want to start a business on-line why not start from EBay? It is quick, easy, and more effective in most cases.

When creating a business account on EBay, it is important that your business name is appropriate and nothing like ‘Power Puff Girls’, especially when you are selling Vintage clothing; it is harder to change the name later when you have loyal customers and your business is getting popular. Also, when listing your products on EBay, make the most of the free listing days, you can save a lot of money otherwise, you will be paying, at least, £0.35 per item.

Delivery: EBay has a fantastic page ‘postage estimator’ where you can actually calculate how much your delivery may cost depending on the weight, and size of the item.

Now coming to naming the items, it is always best to use attractive words when listing your items, instead of writing cream coloured dress you could write campaign colour lace dress; by doing this, your potential customers will notice your product first, which will result in a sale.

Also, it is very important that you have good reviews on your account, as this will help your potential customers to take you seriously and buy from you too. To do this, firstly, you can buy a couple of items on EBay, even if they are very cheap. This process will help you gain good feedback on your account and as a result, customers will feel more comfortable buying from you because they can see you pay on time and are reliable and trustable.    

And finally, most importantly, you need to be aware of people online who will say they need the item before they pay you, be aware of these people, they are fraudsters and can trick you into sending an item and not paying you, even after they receive the item. You will never hear from them again, and EBay cannot help you with this either, as it is written in their policy that if you send an item before receiving a payment, you are responsible for the outcome.

The workshop was delivered by, Maggie Harding, the owner of Garbo Antiques, and a successful EBay seller. She sells vintage clothing to theatre & film companies, private collectors, & customers around the world. Above are her tips and techniques that helped her to become a successful EBay seller.

If you would like to attend the next workshop you can go online on Eventbrite and book your place, the workshop will be held at the Manchester Central Library. 


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