Collaboration with Manchester Central Library

I have been working closely with the Manchester Central Library on my Vegan handbag project. In collaboration, I will be offering design workshops in March. And in April, I will be setting up a pre-launch event for the handbag.

The event will be held at the end of April and live streamed across the UK and the British Library in London. I will post updates closer to date, on the time and schedule of the event, don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet me, and some industry experts.

The opportunity to experience a renowned and trusted Library, back my business, is truly a dream come true. I feel privileged linked to the Library whilst setting up my ethical fashion business.

I am also attending workshops and events, organised by the Manchester Central Library, that have been instrumental in helping me progress my dream project: vegan handbags.

The library offers many fantastic services, which are great for start-up businesses. One of my favourite facilities is Mintel – which would usually cost thousands, is provided free and is very effective in carrying out market research. Other free and popular services are the IP and Patent Clinics. These Clinics are great to get expert advice on your business idea, and if you’re looking for copywriting the IP clinic is definitely for you

Due to popular demand, the clinics are always booked up for several months, to avoid disappointment follow the link below and book your place in advance.

Click the link to book your place at the IP and Patent clinic.

Ask about business – Manchester Central library

If you would like to use any business services and facilities – can you find them on the 2nd floor at the Manchester central library.




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