Welcome to Sonia Ayaz!

Welcome to Sonia Ayaz Blog, I am excited about launching this blog. Dedicated to keep readers up to date with my lifestyle change, and my journey of designing, and launching my very first vegan handbag.

Who am I? And why vegan handbags?  Sonia Ayaz is a new luxury vegan handbag company launching in May/2016. Having shifted towards a more ethical and vegan lifestyle, led me to question my previous consumer choices. I was inspired to launch a vegan handbag that promoted ethical consumerism and contributed to the world in a positive way.

After becoming ethically and consciously aware, I wanted my product to represent this image to. I understand that there are people out there just like me, who are against animal cruelty, and don’t want to contribute to it by purchasing products made from animals. Such as handbags or even your food choices. This is why I am bringing a product to you, a product that speaks to people’s heart and soul. A product, that truly represents ethical fashion: a luxury handmade vegan handbag.

Through my blog, I will share my vegan diet, lifestyle and a product that I believe in, a vegan handbag.

I welcome your feedback, comments and your ideas.  Please enjoy reading the blog as much as I will enjoy posting to the blog.




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